Breakfast Blend

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Breakfast Blend Coffee
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Chef Jean-Pierre's - Breakfast Blend Coffee

Available in 

- Beans
- Decaf
- Chocolate Macadamia

Coffe connoisseur have described Chef Jean-Pierrre's Coffee, as one of the best in the world. The taste of great coffee is determined not only by the conditions in which the beans are grown, but also the extreme precision in which the beans are roasted. Careful roasting will bring out the natural flavor of the beans. We have spent years creating this special blend, coaxing the right balance of body flavor, aroma and acidity from the beans. In addition to the hand selection of our beans and our small roasting process, we also use a unique process in packaging. Each packet is sealed within seconds of roasting, giving the coffee a "freshness" and an exotic flavor that is unmatched by any other coffee. Chef Jean-Pierre's coffee is created using the finest beans in the world, Costa Rican Tres Rio, Colombian Supremo and Sumatra Mandheling. Each bean brings its own special personality and intensely complex flavor making "Chef Jean-Pierre's coffee is bold, hearty, smooth, and so mellow that it is almost buttery". 12 oz.

"A cup of gold" so perfectly balanced and mild you could enjoy it without additives.


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